Nausea is a symptom of an underlying disease and can either occur with vomiting or alone. It’s a feeling of queasiness or uneasiness involved around your abdomen or stomach.

What causes nausea? Several conditions can lead to this feeling such as pregnancy, gastroenteritis, chemotherapy, and so on. You never know exactly when you’ll experience nausea. So, you need to be prepared when it happens.

There are many precautions to take from using natural remedies to identifying the triggers of nausea.

Here, you’ll find four ways to relieve nausea, naturally. They include:

  • Making quick changes
  • Use of herbal remedies
  • Trying alternative remedies
  • Identify specific causes of nausea



  • Making Quick Changes

If you’re experiencing nausea and it makes you feel like vomiting, or you get so discomfort. Try some quick changes that you can adapt to prevent or stop nausea.

  • Get some sleep – Resting can help handle anxiety, muscle strain, and stress, which are some of the causes of nausea.
  • Use a cold compress – That you can place on the forehead to eliminate that excess heat that can contribute to nausea.
  • Avoid smoke and strong odor- Which are known to trigger either vomiting or nausea all at the same time. Open your windows and keep your home well-ventilated.
  • Eating healthy and do breathing exercise– Consume bland foods and liquids that are gentle on your stomach. Breathing exercises can help to control nausea in some way.
  • Reduce movements – Keep still to avoid the chances of increasing nausea through movements.
  • BRAT diet and water – That includes banana, rice, applesauce, and toast for reducing nausea. To prevent dehydration, consume a lot of water.



  • Use of Herbal Remedies

Here, you should use some natural homemade recipes that can control or regulate nausea. These are remedies that you can either buy from a medical store or make at home to ease your nausea. They include:

  • Ginger capsules -Take these tablets that are effective in treating chemotherapy-induced nausea. Ginger suppresses or inhibits certain types of the gut as well as brains receptor that causes or lead to nausea.
  • Ginger tea – It’s a simple recipe where you add slices of fresh ginger to boiling water. Leave to simmer for several minutes, and you can add honey to taste. Let the mixture rest to cool temperatures before sipping the tea.
  • Keep off Ginger ale – Always use fresh ginger to relieve nausea and never should you use ginger ale.
  • Try other herbal teas – Such as tea from peppermint, cinnamon, and clove.



  • Trying Alternative Methods

These are methods that don’t need the use of consuming herbal medicines or products to relieve nausea. They include:

  • Aromatherapy – Which is the physical application of essential oils such as peppermint or lemon on your body.
  • Acupressure – Where you exert pressure on specific points or applying needles as it is the case for the traditional Chinese medicine. The particular points are along the meridians to reduce the nausea symptoms.



  • Identify Specific Causes of Nausea

It’s recommended first to identify what could be causing that nausea before employing any of the above ways. You can determine specific causes by checking things like:

  • Stomach illnesses such as viral gastroenteritis.
  • Take a pregnancy test.
  • Check your medications side effects.
  • Other causes that could trigger nausea.




Always consult your doctor for other severe medical conditions or when symptoms persist for a while. If you’re feeling down or feel like vomiting employ the 4 ways to relieve nausea, naturally.