Warning signs of high blood pressure


We all love to have a flashy lifestyle with the little we have. It is alarming that in recent days, our lifestyles have proven to bring more harm than good. Various lifestyle diseases are not only affecting adults but also kids. One of the common conditions that affect our generation is high blood pressure. It is believed that almost every family has lost a member or has a member who suffers from this lifestyle disease. If you are in need of learning more about high blood pressure, look no more.


What Is High Blood Pressure?

This is a condition that is caused when there is a high force of blood against the walls of the artery. This force of blood exerts strain on the heart and blood vessels. As the strain increases, the risk of a heart attack or stroke might be imminent. High blood pressure can also command other conditions such as heart diseases and kidney diseases. Other complications include hardening of arteries, stroke and eye damage.  Among the causes of this condition are high salt intake, genetic predisposition, and abnormality of the arteries.  


Warning Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Most of the people suffering from high blood pressure exhibit no symptoms at all. The people having this condition can be having damage to the heart, kidneys, and eyes as well as circulation but still don’t show any signs. To be sure of yourself, you just have to take tastes often. People with uncomplicated high blood pressure, however, may experience symptoms such as:


  • Headaches

Warning signs of high blood pressure headache


Early stages of high blood pressure usually have few noticeable symptoms, but as the pressure increases over time, the symptoms become noticeable. Headaches are one of the noticeable chronic signs of high blood pressure that will last for several days. The headaches can be felt as pain and pressure in the face, neck, and head. During the headaches, one can feel hot flushes and feelings of heat in the body. Some of the victims have said that they often feel like they will explode.

  • Dizziness

Dizziness is also one of the warning signs of high blood pressure. The victims might have a pounding feeling in the head and a lightheaded feeling. Increased dizziness that might occur under stress conditions might also be a sign of high blood pressure.

  • Nausea

The victim might feel uneasy in the stomach. They may also fell discomfort as well as an urge to vomit. This feeling is also felt when the blood pressure is too high. Nausea can also be a symptom of another disorder.

  • Blurred vision

This is one of the frequent signs that the condition has affected the victim. The vessels that supply blood to the retina of the eye can be damaged by this condition. This may lead to bleeding of the eye hence blurred vision. At times the victim can suffer complete vision loss.

  • Nosebleeds

This is one of the common warning signs of high blood pressure although very rare. The victim can have frequent nosebleeds. In hypersensitive cases when the blood pressure is high, the victim can have nosebleeds as an evidence of high blood pressure.

  • Palpitations

Palpitation is a strong and rapid or irregular heartbeat that may be caused by anxiety, agitation or illness. In this case, palpitations can be a sign of high blood pressure. At times the victim can feel that the heart is pounding too fast and they can do nothing to calm the heart down. The heart can beat irregularly and flutter for some few seconds.  

  • Dyspnea

This is one of the signs where the victim experiences shortness of breath. This is a very uncomfortable feeling and normally associated with asthma. This is also the first symptom of pulmonary hypertension which can occur due to daily activities such as running, climbing stairs and walking.

Other symptoms can be frequent passing out, bluish lips and skins, chest pains, swelling of the ankles. Legs and abdomen. If you observe that you are having more than one of the above symptoms, it is advisable to check a doctor as soon as possible.  

Warning signs of high blood pressure