dōTERRA Essential Oils

What is dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is an essential oil company that provides a massive variety of oils to the world market. Founded in the year 2008, dōTERRA was created to provide pure, high-quality essential oils to the general public. Its name, dōTERRA, is derived from a Latin term meaning “Gift Of The Earth.”

A group of health and business professionals embarked on a holistic journey to make a dream into reality, and that dream wasn’t about providing just any oils. dōTERRA founders were committed to providing only the best of the best to their clients, so they formed a team of dedicated people to oversee the daunting task. dōTERRA founders wanted to create a new standard of quality in an industry that often lacked in that area, and this new standard became CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®.

dōTERRA founders wanted team members with vision and passion, who would work tirelessly not only for quality but for ultimate health benefits that people could use safely and wholly. They state on their website; “Sharing essential oils is a unique experience, and the founders of doTERRA recognized that a sales model just as unique would be needed. In order to best facilitate personal essential oil experiences, doTERRA utilizes a direct selling model that allows distributors to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing. This more individual approach allows individuals to experience for themselves the incredible power of essential oils while also developing relationships of trust. This model also created the opportunity for individuals and families to achieve their dreams of financial independence. Over 2 million Wellness Advocates, now use and sell doTERRA products around the world.”

Not only does dōTERRA strive for excellence in their products, they strive to make a difference in the world around them. They wanted to give people around the world a chance to get involved in a booming business, to achieve not only health but success.

Quality of dōTERRA oils

dōTERRA oils are unique because their products are grown in their natural environments. Their resources are grown all over the world, in whatever climate and atmosphere produce the absolute best quality, and then processed by dōTERRA to create the essential oils used by millions of families around the world. dōTERRA has stated that distilling their oils is not only a science, it’s an art form that each worker takes seriously and creates proudly.

dōTERRA production process



dōTERRA uses two proven methods, called Steam Distillation and Expression, to extract oil from their high-quality plants.

Steam Distillation is a process in which steam passes through the plant material, and the essential oil is released from microscopic protective sacs due to careful pressure and heat. The extraction flows through condensers to cool and produces layers of oil and water. The oil and water separate, the oil rising above the water and the water sinking down. The essential oil is then parted from the floral water, called hydrosol, and prepared for sale.

The Expression method is often referred to as a “cold-pressed” method, where the mechanical pressure is used to extract the oil and no heat is involved. The expression is the method used for extracting all citrus oils from the rinds of plants such as lemon, grapefruit, and orange.

The downside of dōTERRA oils

dōTERRA is a wonderful resource, but it is not without faults. For one thing, they don’t have an official organic certification for their oils. Their reason for this is that they source from so many developing countries, it’s difficult to get a certification for each one.

While dōTERRA oil products are sourced from countries around the world where the plant can grow more wholesomely, dōTERRA isn’t entirely clear on where each of their oils come from. This can be concerning for people who want to personally ensure that they are getting the best of the best.

dōTERRA accountability

One of the most important aspects of an essential oil is its purity. Because there was no accepted standard for essential oil purity when doTERRA began, they created their own testing process called CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. dōTERRA not only puts all their oils through this testing method but also their packaging. Purity is the top priority for dōTERRA, and they go to great lengths to ensure the best quality possible.

dōTERRA explains the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, stating- “The CPTG testing begins immediately after distillation with each oil being reviewed for its chemical composition. The second round of testing is carried out at our production facility to ensure that what was distilled and tested is the same essential oil as was received. A third review of the chemistry of the oil is conducted in a three-phase procedure as the oils are packaged into the bottles we use as consumers. Each of these tests confirms that the essential oil is free of contaminants and unexpected alterations during production.”

Rigorous testing and investigating holds dōTERRa accountable for every product, package, and essential oil they provide. Their CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® method includes the following tests-

Organoleptic testing, Microbial testing, Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Fourier, Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Chirality testing, Isotopic Analysis, and Heavy Metal testing.



Other benefits of dōTERRA

dōTERRA is “uncompromisingly selective” when harvesting their products. They refuse to cut corners or add any artificial fillers to their oils, making their products some of the best in the business. They sell over 100 essential oils with ingredients sourced from over 40 nations, guaranteeing the purest, most natural end result possible.

dōTERRa also includes a variety of scientists, medical practitioners and communities, and universities to maintain a high standard of production and keep the company at the very forefront of the natural health frontier.

dōTERRA also began a public charity in 2012 called dōTERRA Healing Hands with the mission of serving people and making a difference around the globe They describe their mission and methods by saying- “They do this by partnering with organizations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world. Through the Foundation’s efforts, lives are freed of disease and poverty, and communities are empowered with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

In Summary:

dōTERRA is a fascinating resource that has made a global footprint in a powerful way. They have changed lives in dozens upon dozens of countries, and provide pure essential oils to health-driven families and individuals around the world. Their testing methods are reliable, and their products are top-quality in the essential oil market.